Your Mission

Expansion to Proxima Centauri is a mission led by Space Exploration Ventures (SEV), a public-private conglomerate funded by nearly every country on Earth. The mission’s purpose is to enable instant travel between the Solar and Alpha Centauri star systems, initiating an unprecedented era of space exploration. Proxima Centauri, one of the three stars in Alpha Centauri, was chosen as the destination since it is the closest star to the Solar system with a planet orbiting around it.

Void Gates

Instant travel is possible by opening a rift in space-time, a process that requires a black hole as the entry point and a void gate as the exit. Objects that enter the black hole exit the void gate instantly, regardless of the distance between the two. SEV created an artificial black hole between Mars and Jupiter and now needs to build a Void Gate next to Proxima Centauri, to allow unidirectional travel from the Solar System to Alpha Centauri.

Void Gates are massive structures that require an enormous quantity of materials to build and vast amounts of energy to operate. SEV’s plan is to obtain necessary resources from Proxima b, a terrestrial planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, and to extract energy from the star itself. As an SEV settler, your job is to mine resources from Proxima b and ship them to SEV as it builds the Void Gate, while surviving Proxima b’s harsh environment and native life forms.


Your job will not be easy. Proxima b is very different from Earth, not suitable for colonization or even terraforming. Its biology is incompatible with Earth life, so you cannot consume Proxima b plants or animals and therefore need to synthesize water and nutrients to survive. Dangerous predatory species abound and will hunt you. You are expected to die often, relying on cloning and memory transfers to return and try again. Learn more about what you will face in Proxima b here.